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Things to Consider When Getting American Flags

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Things to Consider When Getting American Flags

March 22, 2017

american wall flagOne great way to show that you are a proud American is to feature an American flag even though it is not Flag Day, Veterans Day or Independence Day. Some people simply add more flags in front of their home or business during national holidays. You have to be more familiar with the rules of displaying American flags to always give it utmost respect. The Flag Code will give you all the details and necessary tips to properly show the US flag. American flags represent the country and should be properly displayed and kept at all times.

An American flag will always include the blue field with 50 white stars, or Union. The Union is found on the top left portion, while the stripes of red and white occupy the rest of the banner. The flag may be hung in a vertical manner with the Union at the top right portion. The Union should always be in front if it appears on a patch or a uniform.

Sometimes, it is necessary to hang the American flag at half-staff only to give respect to government officials and important people who died. If the President, Vice President or a Supreme Court Justice dies, the American flag is raised and then lowered to half-staff as a symbol of respect. If the President died, the half-staff is maintained for 30 days. If the Vice President or Justice dies, the half-staff remains for 10 days. Learn more rules on how to display the US flag the right way.

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